Lay report – Crazy Singaporean

It was a hot Singapore evening, and I’d set out to do yet another daygame session at Orchard Road, a 10 minute subway ride from where I was staying. Nervousness and anxiety from settling into a new city was still affecting my sets. “Do at least 15 sets today” I said to myself, knowing that the best remedy for anxiety is facing your fears head on and letting go of your thoughts, letting down your guard and letting your true self shine through, be it for approval or disapproval.

I did ten sets, most of them blowouts. I was having fun, but nervousness and fidgeting was messing me up. A couple more sets and I was starting to relax. Then I meet Zak, and walked with him for 2 minutes before seeing a gorgeous little Asian face walk by. I turned around, and front stopped her like I was in a slow motion film. We chatted, and she seemed sceptical at first, maintaining a safety distance of at least 1 metre, but starts getting into it after a while. I notice she’s not wearing a bra, with the contours of her breasts showing clearly under a thin t-shirt. She has a native sounding American accent, although she tells me she’s Singaporean. She’s an art student, and shows me her paintings on her instagram. They’re intense and vulgar, as if they were drawn by a mental patient. One of them depicted a girl masturbating, everything showing. I said “is that a self portrait?” and she responded “yeah, sometimes”. She asks me if I’m with friends. I said I was with my friends but he’s a big boy and can take care of himself. I probe her logistics a bit, she doesn’t seem to be up to much. I sense it’s on. I say something along the lines of “Listen _____, I have a spare 10 minutes, if you have a spare 10 minutes, let’s go for a quick coffee.” She is reluctant, but I lead and take her with me. We get a coffee and I realise I’m a little off my game, since I haven’t been on a date for a while. I focus on relaxing, enjoying the moment and having fun. I notice her eyes light up each time I tell a personal story off of a subject we’re talking about. The connection is alright, but the interaction is a bit boring. But she seems into me, and I keep going forward. I do my normal kino routines of thumb wrestling, looking into each others eyes without laughing, examining tattoos, rings etc. She’s totally comfortable with touch.

She is 18 years old, but acts like she’s lived twice as long. Not in a mature or stuck up way, but in a dark and blasé way. She tells me she does drugs. Crystal meth. She pops a Xanax pill, which she says helps her calm down. At one point, she seemed distant, almost like she’s in a dream. One of her many tattoos is a circle on her inner forearm. She says it’s a symbol for life. I notice weird circular little scars next to and inside the circle. They look like somebody put smarties candies under her skin. Cigarette burns. I think I notice scars from cutting as well. The conversation tends to take really dark paths which I feel is making me uncomfortable. She is really open about her problems, about how she’s lost a lot of weight because she’s had a holiday where she’s relapsed into taking drugs. It’s unsettling. A tinge of guilt enters my mind as I routinely plot how I’m going to get her to my bedroom. I decide I need to have empathy. Not to get the lay but because it’s simply the right way to be. I put my hands on her soft forearms and say “I feel bad for you!”, looking at her like you’d look at a Syrian child war victim, but with a smile to not make it too melodramatic. She laughs, and the awkward tension is released. I feel okay to continue escalating. I realise I haven’t researched any good date venues near my place. I do the best I can and say “Let’s go for a walk around *the name of the area I live in*”. She says okay. We compare shoe sizes as we get up and I tell her how much smaller her feet are than mine. She says “You’re feet aren’t THAT big. You what that means right? Is it true?”. Shit test detected. I tell her “I don’t wanna brag, but it’s 50 inches. We laugh and joke about it. What’s at *the name of the area I live in* by the way? I decide it’s not fair to lie. “It’s quite pretty, and plus I live there so it’ll be easier for me to get home, haha”. She gets it. Apparently her art school is there.

We arrive at my area and I start to think about what to do. I decide that it’s too early to just pull her home. The energy was too low from the boring subway ride and to bring her home now could make things backfire. I decide we should go for a drink, and find a nearby place on google maps. We spend 15 minutes trying to find the god damn place, before we give up. Luckily, the vibe has improved now. I say “Hey, I got some wine at my place, let’s just go there.” She complies easily. This is not a girl who judges herself. Rare, but helpful. We go to my place, into my tiny little room. She sits on one side of the bed, and I make sure to lean back on the other side and let her come to me. After a huge parodical build up I show her my non existent Chinese flute skills, before we play Creep by Radiohead together, her singing and me playing my melodica. Now we’re sitting close to each other on the bed, and we’re talking. I put my hands on her thighs as I’m speaking. It feels totally natural. She shows me a sexy collar that apparently she always carries around in her hand bag. I ask if I can put it on her, and she says, in a begging voice, like a dog whimpering “Not too hard”. Fuck yeah I think, putting it on. I lean back again, and notice she’s getting closer to me. The numerous times I’ve over escalated have taught me a better balance now between on and off, push and pull. It’s about not being afraid of pulling the trigger, which in turn causes you not to rush it, and makes her feel like you are non needy and confident. She leans over me and shows me a massage technique of her moms. It consisted of running your fingers from the top of the other persons forehead through their hair, while maintaining really high pressure. It felt awesome. I told her I’d do it on her, but she has to lie down first. She closes her eyes as I do it, and I, savouring the sexual tension we’ve built between each other, kiss her. Clothes start coming off and magic ensues. She even put on a super kinky playsuit that she also had in her bag (wtf).

London update: Sickness, text game and revelations

Oh, the never ending winter sickness. As soon as temperatures go below 15 degrees I can almost be certain that daygaming every day, or any other outdoors activity, is going to result in me getting the sniffles, headaches and generally feeling like shit. Countless doctors have not been able to tell me why this is.

I got sick last week, and was forced to take some days off. Frustrating. So instead of going out every day doing at least 10 sets, my average has been about 5 sets per day. This has taken away some of my momentum, but also made my vibe slightly better as I’m not emotionally burned out from incessant approaching.

Currently I have a couple of different girls I’m texting with. We’ll call them:


Saanvi, a petite Indian cutie from London has fallen off the radar since she seems busy and didn’t get back to me like she said she would about making plans on Thursday.


Viktoria is Russian/Greek/Georgian/Ukrainian/Whatever the fuck, has a hot skinny body and is playing hard to get. I have a feeling she’s just enjoying the ego boost of having a guy chasing her. We set up a date for Sunday but she flaked on it, so I’ll vacuum for a few days. Texting has been flirtatious and fun.


Violeta is a fresh number close. Swiss/Latin American girl who studies design in Cambridge. She doesn’t seem super down but we have been texting back and forth quite a lot. We’ll see what happens.


Alia was a girl I was certain would come out for a date, but she postponed the date once and then said she got sick. I’ll ping her someday soon.

She facebook closed me over text. She said it was because she didn't have credit on her phone very often. But it might as well have been to check my value.

She facebook closed me over text. She said it was because she didn’t have credit on her phone very often. But it might as well have been to check my value.

The most positive thing right now is the mind shift that I’m going through in my game. This mind shift has had three different components:

  1. Stopping the technical micro management

  2. Instead of focusing on technique and the physical movements that constitute a good pick up, I’ve gone back to focusing on the feeling, the vibe of the set, and trying to make it as good as possible. A good pickup artist isn’t a robot that micro manages technique. A good pickup artist has strong emotional control and entitlement, along with an underlying understanding of the technique of pickup. 

  3. Starting to trust the process and not chasing individual results


I’m starting to let go of the individual results, the individual girls I’m trying to seduce and just putting my focus on taking the correct action. I’m starting to stop getting upset because of the success my wingmen are having and bad days that I might be having, instead focusing on what I can do to increase results in the long term. This naturally decreases neediness and outcome dependence.

  5. Embracing the discomfort I might feel in set


I’ve felt uncomfortable with doing pickup in London largely throughout my stay here. Before, I would fight it, but I’m realising now that the more I fight it, the bigger the discomfort is going to be. The trick is to go into the discomfort and just accepting it. With time, the discomfort will be reduced.

I can feel my cold is going to be over in a few days. When I’m well again, the plan is to listen to my body and to not ignore tell tale signs that I’m getting sick so I won’t get knocked out by a cold again. Until then, I’ll go out for a short session every day to get as much practice in as I can.

Action, Action, Action! (How to be more confident in pickup)

For a couple of weeks now I have been living in London, the main purpose being to perfect my daygame skill. It’s proven a challenge to go to a new city with all it’s difficulties, get a job in an industry that is radically different from the ones you’re used to, and at the same time remain confident and grounded enough to run good daygame. If the first days, my vibe was a disaster. Girls would smell my weakness and blow me out, usually right off the open. As the days passed and I kept grinding, I had a realisation. It is not a surprising one, and it is one that any successful member of the pickup community already knows. Nevertheless, this realisation is probably the single most important one a pickup artist can adhere to.

With action comes confidence.

Let me elaborate. The number one way to gain confidence in an uncomfortable situation is to put yourself in that situation. This shouldn’t be surprising to you. But let’s go one level deeper. How about the amount of which you need to put yourself in a particular situation in order to become more confident in it?

Let’s use on of men’s favourite metaphors for explanation: The gym. When you go to the gym, you probably know that you won’t get noticeably stronger by lifting one weight one time and then going home. There needs to be a bigger effort on your part in order to see a long time strength increase. The same rings true in game. Going out once a week and doing one single approach before going home isn’t going to be enough for a normal person for a noticeable gain in confidence. I haven’t done a scientific study on this, but my guess would be that for me personally, even 10 approaches per week isn’t going to increase my confidence in game over time. It might slow down my confidence decline after having done over 10 sets every day for several months, but it’s not going to increase my confidence.

A useful metaphor

A useful metaphor

The key is to find your own necessary practice amount. You are a special little snowflake and no amount of reading blogs and learning about other people’s experiences is going to teach you how much action is needed for you to improve your confidence. If you are an active daygamer now (props, few people go from reading about doing pickup to actually doing pickup) you need to take a look at how much action your taking and how much progress you are making. If you’re unsatisfied or feel like you should be progressing faster, try bumping up your work rate. The amount of sets you do is the number one component of your action that affects your confidence. You’re doing 10 sets a day and you still feel uncomfortable doing a front stop on a busy street? Try doing 15 a day. See how it changes you.

Infield time!

It’s time for the first video infield of this blog. Many of you have been asking for this and now it’s time to finally show you what I sound AND look like in action.

The set takes place on London Oxford Street, one of the world’s most famous places for daygame. What you’re about to see is a number close in a set where I did a lot of playful teases, some of them quite hard for daygame. She loves them and I close her. Since my cameraman was holding my phone to film the infield, I decided to give her my number and tell her to text me her name. Unfortunately, I forgot that this way, I wouldn’t be walking away with her number and thus I’ll have no chance of texting her if she doesn’t text me first. Nevertheless, this is a good example of how a successful set looks like for me right now. Enjoy!

Bye bye Stockholm (+ How to get laid here)

At the age of six, my parents decided they had had enough of the boredom of north Sweden. We moved to a suburb outside of what became my new hometown, Stockholm. I obviously didn’t know at the time that this would become my daygame training ground. Now that I’m leaving Stockholm for an unknown amount of time, it’s relevant to write my take on the city that served as my main training ground since I started doing game.

More than 90 percent of all the game I’ve done has been in Stockholm. It’s where I started game, and it’s where I had almost all of my epiphanies and improvements. Funnily enough, it’s NOT where I had the most results. Weird right? If I did 90 percent of my game here, shouldn’t I have at least 90 percent of my results here too? Evidently not. If you wonder why, I have an explanation:

Most of my sets have been daygame sets, and daygame is fucking hard here.

Daygame in Stockholm, for a lot of guys, is one of the most challenging endeavours I can think of. Here’s why:

  1. Feminism is out of control
  2. Swedish people are conditioned into believing dominant male behaviour is bad and that women are basically men with tits. Anyone who’s done game will know that men and women have quite different turn ons when it comes to behaviour. Men need to be masculine and women need to be feminine for chemistry to flourish. Well, not according to your average Swedish person.

    This makes it challenging to create polarity in your interactions, as Swedish girls have a strong frame and are easily made uncomfortable if you lead hard.

  3. Swedes are anti-social and awkward
  4. Yes, approaching girls during the day isn’t “normal” in most places of the world, but in Sweden, it’s a very strange thing to do. While in some countries, approaching a girl during the day shows courage and masculinity, in Sweden people think you are odd. If you’re a foreigner though, this doesn’t apply to you. Swedes know that the rest of the world is more social and will think that what you’re doing must be normal where you come from.

    The anti-socialness of Swedish girls will ruin many of your sets, simply because most Swedish girls don’t know how to respond to a masculine street approach. I’ve had countless sets where the girls have simply not been able to handle the social pressure of talking to a stranger. Abroad, this problem is microscopic.

What solutions did I find to these problems then? After all, Swedish girls want sex just like any other girls. Surely, there must be a way to successfully run game?

Indeed, there is.

The main solutions I found to these problems are the following:

  1. Focus on night game (and gutter game)
  2. Alcohol solves many of the problems Swedish girls have when it comes to meeting men. After a couple of drinks, Swedish girls get out of their own head and more in touch with their true feminine nature. This, coupled with Swedish girls’ comparably low slut defence, improves your chances dramatically.

    Also, in the main club area of the city (the area around Stureplan) there will be more girls that you are going to be interested in to approach. Somehow, after 10 pm, lame ugly girls are filtered out and the hot, fun, well dressed girls who are looking to meet an attractive man pop out like a pleasant surprise. You’ll be amazed at the concentration of hot, blonde girls dressed incredibly sexy are in this area late at night.

  3. Avoid being “offensive”
  4. Swedish girls get butthurt easily. Avoid being too polarizing, at least when talking about their appearance. If you tease a Swedish girl on something about her, make your tease light, and do it with a big, friendly smile. Otherwise, she won’t get that you’re joking.

    A better alternative to talking about a Swedish girls appearance is talking about her vibe. Read her mood, tell her, “You looked so relaxed, it makes me calm when I look at you” or “You were really walking with a mission there, I thought if I’d stop you you might punch me”. Again, do it with a big smile and sensual vibe.

  5. Focus on vibe more than on dominance
  6. Smile, relaxation, voice tonality. Make those three as good as you possibly can and you’ll have success. Once you have them down, practice leading to capitalise on the compliance you’ll earn from the girls and get them into your frame without them even noticing it.

  7. Dress well
  8. It’s amazing how many guys in the pickup community fail on this. The men in Stockholm are some of the most handsome, well dressed men in the world. If a Swedish girl is going to be seen in public with you, she won’t accept your choice of clothes making you look like a weirdo.

    All in all, Sweden is a good place for pickup. You’ll find amazing girls if you know where to look, and in the night, you can have great success. If you can’t go out every night, combine your night game with day game to keep your skills sharp. But don’t be discouraged if you have poor results in daygame. The night is where the magic happens in this town.

  9. Run better game
  10. The bottom line is, daygame in Stockholm is hard. The most reliable solution to this problem will be running better game. This means, being more confident, being more happy, doing a perfect open, challenging/qualifying the girl and all other things that is part of good game. Remember, just because Stockholm is a challenging city, it’s not an impossible one.


Are YOU planning a daygame vacation? Sometimes it is good to switch things up to avoid the boredom of gaming in the same locations day in and day out. Where should you go then? Well, if you like the femininity and looks of eastern European girls and don’t mind putting in some time into dating them, Wroclaw could be the city for you.

Wroclaw is Polands fourth largest town and lies in the western part of the city, near the Czech border. But let’s not talk about boring facts. We care about game facts. I spent 2 weeks of this summer in Wroclaw and did street game exclusively. Here is what i found.

The girls

In Wroclaw, you will find feminine girls who want a masculine man. They dress up in a way that makes you want to apprach if you’re into feminine girls. There were some emo type girls too, but I never approached them, as they look unpleasant and ugly to me. It is important to remember though, that in Poland, not only the girls who dress up super feminine are amenable to daygame. Even girls who are more casually dressed have that feminine spark and are pleasant to approach. However, if your vibe is shit, you will get blown out, just like in any other place. This is not daygame paradise.

In terms of looks, you will find brunettes as well as blondes here. Polish features are not the most beautiful, since they often include a big witch-like nose, although there are some marvellous exceptions. The girls are generally skinny, although I did see more fatties here than last time. Fortunately I also discovered that Crossfit seems to be getting very popular in Wroclaw. I saw many girls walking around in tights with their big squat asses shown off. A pleasant sight if that’s your thing.

I searched for an image that would show an average Polish girl. This is the best I found.

I searched for an image that would show an average Polish girl. This is the best I found.

There is also a smaller number of Ukrainian girls you will run into if you are lucky. These girls are sweet and fun, and often live alone in the city, which lowers their slut defence. I would say they look better than the Polish girls since they have softer features. However, they are a rarity and most of your time will be spent gaming Polish girls. Don’t worry though, you won’t have trouble finding beautiful Polish girls.

Daygame spots

You will need to know where to do your daygame with regards to what time of day it is in order to be successful here.

Our earliest daygame sessions started at 12:00. At this time, the malls where the locations with the highest concentration of hot girls. In fact, the highest concentration of hot girls I saw during my whole trip where from 12:00 to around 17:00 in Galeria Dominikanska, a shopping mall within 5 minutes walking distance east of Rynek. Another good mall is Renoma, which is within 10 minutes walking distance south of Rynek. You can find girls on the way to both of these malls as well, so getting there will not be wasted time.

In the evening Rynek, the market square, will have the highest concentration of people and hot girls. There will be more groups here and fewer solo girls than in the malls, which are closed in the evening, but it is still possible to find targets and the romantic vibe of the market square will help in the sets you do. Rynek has a lovely vibe to it in the evening, with restaurants and bars all around and talented street musicians in every corner. Going for an instant date will be easy here, as many girls don’t have immediate plans.


First of all, Wroclaw is a small town. This means you’ll run into the same girls, and they might see you approach others. Spam approaching in daygame should be avoided unless you’re not staying more than a week. I had an aggressive man roll up on me with his bike, telling me to fuck off and snapping pictures of me. Avoid making a big fuss as this is a small town. Now of course, if you do nightgame, this is different. In the night, spam as much as you want as it doesn’t matter as much and probably won’t get you in trouble.

Girls will have slut defence since this is a small city and they run a high risk of being recognised by people they know while interacting with you. Those who have previous experience with eastern Europeans know that they put up quite a lot of resistance to escalation as it is. In the street approach, this can’t be dealt with. However, when choosing date locations, it is possible to pick locations where you can sit together away from people’s eyes. Do this when you feel it’s time to kiss close them etc, so that you at least neutralise part of their slut defence.

The English level is not great here. You will run into many girls who speak no English. These girls are in my opinion a waste of time unless they are really into you. They will be insecure about coming on a date with you because of their lacking language skill and communication will be limited. By all means, try these girls out for the reference. You will probably soon decide that you are better off focusing on the English speaking girls, and then eject when you run into non-english speaking girls.


You will be more shiny here than in bigger cities, which will give you some free value. Many girls are excited about a man who speaks English as this city mostly gets Polish and a few German tourists. It’s easy to be exotic here and that is going to work in your favour.

Wroclaw is a cheap city, which will help you in two main ways. First off, it becomes possible for you to have ideal logistics. I would suggest renting a place right on Rynek, where all your date locations and a lot of your daygame will be done. Except making it easier for you to pull, this will facilitate your whole daygame trip as you will minimise traveling durations. You can also draw advantage from the cheapness of the city by eating out all the time. There are plenty of restaurants that serve everything from Polish cornerstone dishes to kebabs to burgers, with many affordable options. Pierogis, in particular, are a cheap, tasty and fairly healthy food to eat here. By eating out you will save yourself time and energy that would otherwise have gone into shopping for groceries and cooking, which is not something you want to do on your daygame vacation.

As I have alluded to before, male to female polarity is strong in Wroclaw just like in the rest of eastern Europe. This is great since it makes playing the game more fun and girls’ feedback more clear. You won’t run into lame entitled “women” who don’t understand the dance of seduction. Polish women get it, which makes the game so much more fun, regardless of your success.

What it takes to be successful

Like always, the most important thing for your success is to have good game. I will soon post a detail of my daygame method that can help you with that. Still, there are some things to think about for this city in particular.

Ideally, you should try to be here at least for 2 weeks, or else you will lose out on girls who are not yet ready to sleep with you after just a short amount of time. Remember eastern European girls’ slut defence and the fact that Wroclaw is a small city.

Another important thing is to not over escalate. This can be tempting when you are on vacation and short on time, but it will make the girls even more resistant to your escalation and scared of meeting you again. Solve this problem by being here a longer time.

How Wroclaw compares to other cities

There are other EE cities with a greater sense of anonymity, a greater concentration of hot girls (Prague is one of them) who also speak better English. The advantages of Wroclaw are your shininess and the money you’ll save. If you’re short on money and have the look they like (dark is considered attractive), Wroclaw is a better option. Otherwise you’d be better off going to a city that is bigger with a higher flow of people, and thus hot girls, in it.

Stockholm Daygame Vibe Problems (How to improve your vibe)

I’ve returned to Stockholm after a 2 week long daygame trip in Poland. From daygaming feminine beauties who are comfortable speaking to strangers, I’m now forced to daygame girls who are shy, socially uncomfortable and non feminine. This has lowered my vibe and my sense of entitlement. The smile, my main sticking point, is now harder and harder to find and I find myself approaching women looking scared and stressed. Of course, if the open isn’t strong, the set is rarely going to go well. So I must manage to smile and tap into that good vibe in order to solve my problem.

Here’s my plan for succeeding in this:

  1. Consciously forcing myself to smile
    If I can’t tap into that good vibe, I will fake it. This will make it so that girls see my smile and react favourably to it, which will reinforce the habit of smiling in me.

  2. Letting go of the outcome
    I’m going to stop hoping for the girl to like me before I approach her, and instead put the entire focus on the things that I can control. Opening with a smile is one of these things. I don’t need the girls reaction to feel good.

  3. Facing the fear of being heard and seen
    I’m going to accept that people are going to hear and see me approach and that they are going to judge me. I’m going to face the discomfort of it until I don’t feel it anymore. I’m proud to do daygame because it is a thing that very few people have the balls to do and I’m ultimately giving value to girls who want to meet a cool guy.

Cockblocks (Field Report)

It’s time for the first field report of my blog.

Having almost only done daygame for the last months, it was starting to make me tired and bored. I decided to mix things up by going out at night to hit the clubs of Stockholm.

At 10:30, I meet up with Filip, a guy from the local community. We go to a bar (Taverna Brillo) in the city, known for young blonde Swedish girls, to warm up. Having not done night game properly for ages, I’m choding bad. Sweat is coming out of my face, I’m twitchy and I can’t muster up the courage to approach. Filip approaches a girl. I try hard to pick up the conversation he’s in when I sense it dying down. The girl can feel our awkwardness and excuses herself. “Great”, I think, realising that this little interaction has made me a little more warmed up. After some more non approaching we have had enough, and decide to go to Solidaritet, a medium sized club nearby.

We’re surprised at how much people are in the club. We walk past two girls standing with their drinks by a table. One has super curly hair and looks like a latina. I go in hard, telling her I like her hair, while at the same time slightly walking into her friend who happens to be in my way. The latina responds well, putting her hand on my shoulder. She’s really touchy feely. Strange, because I didn’t really do anything. I pull her away from her friend, who feels neglected. I tell her not to worry, and that I’ll be back. I talk to the latina for a while and try to kiss her. She won’t let me, but still wants to touch me and stand near me. I over escalate by continuing to pull her head towards me even though she doesn’t want to kiss. Gotta stop doing that shit. We go back to her friend and talk some more. I number close her. Before saying goodbye, she pulls me towards her, kisses me one time on each cheek and then gives me a wet kiss on the mouth. “Not bad for the first approach…”, I think to myself, surprised at how well it went.

An aggressive drunk girl

An aggressive drunk latina.

We go upstairs, and my eyes fall on a perfect 10. No kidding. She was tall, easily 6 feet in heels and had an amazing face and body. She was really curvy. Amazing. I open, telling her she’s really tall and that I like it. We talk, and again, to my surprise it goes really well. I’m having entitlement issues but I put trust in keeping good body language, never leaning in towards her and choosing to stand by the wall instead of in front of her. I try to isolate her from her friend, grabbing her hand and telling the friend that I’ll just borrow her for 5 minutes. They say no, and I accept it. I number close her instead, and she touches me as we say goodbye.

One of the hottest girls I've ever number closed.

One of the hottest girls I’ve ever number closed.

I do another set and get blown out. No big deal. Then at the bar, my eyes meet with a cute short Swedish girl who looks like she just finished high school. She looks really innocent. We talk, and she soon tells me she has a boyfriend. I don’t let it stop me since she is touching me and allowing me to get close. Apparently her boyfriend is in the venue, and I get slightly paranoid that he will show up, which is totally unnecessary since Swedish men are the biggest pussies on this earth. Grabbing her hand, I take her with me downstairs, to get further away from her boyfriend. I try to kiss close her in a dark corner, but she won’t let me. We keep talking and upon realising I can’t escalate further right now, I number close.

I go upstairs and do some more sets. Nothing special happens. Then all of a sudden the cute girl with the boyfriend calls me, telling her she is downstairs. I’m pretty sure she’s mistaken my number for her boyfriends number, but I get a funny idea. I go back downstairs, and soon find her with her boyfriend. I go up to them, asking the girl what she wanted from me. She appears to either play dumb or genuinely being too drunk to realise she’s called me. The boyfriend’s face expression is priceless, looking at me with an expression of anger mixed with fear. He asks me how I know her, I tell him I don’t. Then he tells me he’s her boyfriend. I say “fair enough” and leave, then texting the girl saying “Call me when you’re done fighting”. She calls me some minutes later. I ask her where she is and tells her to come meet me at Stureplan. I know I’m taking a risk since she’s very drunk and doesn’t really realise what’s going on, but I take the chance and leave the club.

Her boyfriend must be so sad right now.

Her boyfriend must be so sad right now.

She doesn’t show up. I call her and she tells me she’s going home, which is just as well since she’s too drunk to speak coherently. Unfortunately, now I’m alone with no wings and I can’t get back in the club for free. I go to a free club alone but can’t summon the courage to approach. “Fuck”, I think. Then, Robert calls me and tells me he can get me into another club for free with him and a wing. I join them. Inside, I approach a girl who is 6 feet without heels. She is beautiful. Doesn’t hook though. My friend tries later and persists like a motherfucker but gives up in the end too, it was funny to watch, he has great game. I call the latina girl, and she tells me to come to Solidaritet. I tell her to come to me instead, but she’s not having it. This girl is really drunk too, so discussing with her is difficult as I can’t get her to listen. I tell her I can’t come there and hang up. She calls me and I don’t answer.

Then we go back to Solidaritet. Inside, I find the latina and reapproach, but she is barely looking at me, not showing any interest anymore. Confused, I wonder what I did wrong, or if it was even because of me. I think whatever, and continue gaming. I also find the perfect 10, and game her. I’m incredibly stiff, my mind going crazy with thoughts of what I wanted to do to her. I try to isolate her with a little success, but another one of her friends come and pulls her away. At last, I’m standing next to her dancing and feel like I have no value. I eject.

After some more blowouts or short sets, I find this beautiful red head girl who looks really strong. She has quite wide shoulders and a big round ass. She looks like a crossfit athlete or a powerlifter. I love it. I approach, compensating an initial feeling of neediness by leaning back like I’m higher value than her. She senses the dynamic I create, and is drawn in. I end up standing back against the wall with her in front of me. I over escalate a bit with her too, trying to get her to hold me. I tell her one of my criteria for my future wife is for her to be a red head, so she has a chance. Just playing around trying to be challenging and fun. She likes me and I take her to dance. Unfortunately she has a cockblock army consisting of three girlfriends trying to stop me. One of them is really fat and reminds me of an ogre. I don’t think to befriend them, which is going to punish itself later. I tell the friends I’ll borrow her for some minutes. They say yes reluctantly. I dance alone with the girl, and the friends come back after us. I pull her away again, but the friends follow. What the fuck! Why won’t girls let their friends get laid? This time, the ogre is persistent, and actually, she’s more persistent than me. They sense me slightly giving up, and then it’s too late. The redhead is now effectively shamed by her friends and obviously can’t show interest for me anymore. I decide not to give up without a fight, and engage with the ogre. She tries hard to put me down, and I feel kind of bad for her. It can’t be fun to look like that as a girl, and to have to cockblock your friends to make yourself feel better. Anyway, it’s done by now. The girls pass me and my wing by in the smoking area later in the night and the ogre says something like “Oh no, there’s two of them!”. I ignore the negative energy.

An ugly girl who might never get good quality cock.

An ugly girl who might never get good quality cock.

After a while I feel tired. It’s close to 3 AM. I decide to call it a night, happy with how much fun I had.


The biggest lesson of them all is that I need to handle the friends of my target better. Next time I will try to build some rapport with them and gain their trust. Now, I might have come across as a value grabbing bandit to them. Fair play, they are there to protect each other.

The body language thing where I lean back, challenge and make it look like I’m not needing anything from the girs really works. It can change the whole dynamic of the interaction. Try it! Read my post on challenging for a thorough walkthrough of this.

How to open in daygame

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to open in the field lately, and it’s now time to share my conclusions about what makes a good open with you guys.

First of all, what is the open?

The open is the part of the interaction where you go up to the girl and initiate a conversation. It is the first part of the interaction where you make your first impression. “The first impression is the last impression” is a popular quote, and there is a lot of truth to it. The point is that an interaction that starts off well has a massively higher chance of ending well than an interaction that starts terrible. So open RIGHT!

"How can I bang this girl?"

“How can I bang this girl?”

Now, what constitutes a good open? Here are some core principles that I adhere to. I’ve found that whenever I execute properly on these, the set almost always opens well.

  1. Good posture

    Keep your back straight and generally lean back as you open. This is obviously helpful throughout the interaction, but it is critical on the open. Look at some Jon Matrix infields for a good example of this. Notice how he deliberately leans back, which prevents the set from blowing up even though he tends to stand very close to his target.

  2. A genuine, big smile

    You should smile BEFORE you open, WHILE you open and SHORTLY AFTER you open. If you fail to smile on the open, you’re going to fight an uphill battle the rest of the set, as the girl is going to doubt that you are confident and that you have good intentions. Remember what Mystery once said: “What is the greatest sign of an alpha male? The smile.”

    A word of cation: don’t forget to smile in the rest of the interaction, but realise that it’s not natural to smile constantly throughout the set. It’s try hard. You will need to challenge and qualify the girl to make your set solid.

  3. Getting her attention from a distance

    Address the girl with an o1* when you are within 2 metres from her. If you open her from the front, show early that you want to speak with her, and address her as soon as your eyes meet, even if she is far ahead of you. This shows the girl two things. The first is that you are comfortable with taking up space, which is an alpha male trait. The second is that you are to be trusted. A pickpocket wouldn’t try to get her attention from a distance. Opening from a distance shows that you are proud of what you are doing and she will respect that.

  4. A clear and relaxed voice

    This is important for the same reasons as point number 3. You need to show that you’re not afraid to be heard and convey your message. Practice voice projection if you are having problems with this.

  5. Planting your feet

    After you’ve delivered your o1, plant your feet clearly to show the girl that you want her to stop.** This is important regardless of whether you do the side stop or the front stop. If you fail to execute on this, the girl is going to walk past you or away from you, and you won’t gain her respect.

  6. Waiting for their attention before you start talking

    After you’ve delivered your o1 and planted your feet, you need to wait for her full attention before you start talking and delivering your o2***. Doing it at any point before that is going to result in her not hearing it or you coming off as a guy who is not used to be listened to.

  7. Relax
  8. This one takes a lot of practice. A good method for achieving relaxation is to simply force yourself to stop fidgeting and to relax the muscles of your body. With time, your mind will follow. Being relaxed is a very alpha sign, as it shows that you can handle pressure. Also, this helps the girl to relax as your relaxed state will transfer onto her.

  9. Eye contact

    Look into her eyes throughout the open. It conveys honesty and confidence.

Do these things right and you will see that your blowouts will turn into excited girls and good responses. Also, it will make the whole process of daygame more fun. Also, realise that these principles aren’t just applicable to daygame, but to nightgame as well as life in general.

Now get out there and apply this!

* o1 stands for opener number 1 and is a phrase such as “hey” or “excuse me”, used to grab a girl’s attention.
** Some guys walk with the girl in the set instead of stopping her. This should only be done if a girl absolutely won’t stop for you (maybe she’s genuinely in a hurry) and walking with her is your only chance. Realise that this looks weak and don’t do it when you don’t have to.
*** Opener number 2. This is going to be something along the lines of “This might sound a bit crazy but I literally just saw you and thought you looked really nice”.

Swedish Girls vs. Polish Girls

sweden poland flags

After two weeks in a Polish town dedicated entirely to picking up girls, I’ve noticed some distinct changes between Polish girls and the Swedish girls of my soon not-to-be hometown of Stockholm.

  1. Polish girls are more pleasant

    If I was to choose a random Polish girl or a random Swedish girl of equal hotness to go on a date with, I would choose the Polish girl. The reason for this is simply that Polish girls have great personalities. They are confident, feminine and have a great sense of humour. Compare this to the average Swedish girl, who (unless she’s drunk) is stiff, masculine and has no sense of humour.

    Polish girls have an easier time of talking to strangers and are generally more social. With Swedish girls, you will often have to assume the burden of the conversation for a longer time before they are comfortable enough to invest in it.

  2. Polish girls are girls. Swedish girls are men.

    When you open a Polish girl, she will show you that she understands the game of seduction. If you do a weak approach, she will punish your lack of masculinity and blow you out. If you do a strong approach, she will smile at you, assume her feminine role in the interaction and possibly shit test you to see if you are genuine. In other words, the feedback girls give is clear in Poland, which makes it a great learning ground for game.

    Swedish girls in daygame are the most non-feminine I have ever met, which makes seducing them challenging. Much of this is simply because many Swedish girls are not comfortable in a feminine role and don’t know how to play their part in seduction.

  3. Sweden has hotter girls

    Say what you want about the lacking personalities, but the girls of Stockholm are some of the hottest I have ever seen. Nowhere can you find as many tens (if you are into tall blondes). Polish girls are not ugly, but you won’t find those fairytalelike angels that frequent the streets of Stockholm’s posh areas.

  4. Swedish girls have no slut defence

    Swedish girls are taught from childhood that sex is something they should be proud of. This greatly reduces issues such as slut defence and LMR that are significant in Poland, which has a more conservative culture.