You know that feeling when the thought of doing something scares you but part of you somehow knows that you have to do it? Maybe you’re at an aqua park and you see people jumping from the 30 feet high platform. As your stomach tingles, you think to yourself, “damn, I want to do that too!“. Or you have a feeling a pretty girl in your class likes you. You get shaky just by being around her but you never talk to her.

This was my reality for most of my life. I grew up with crippling social anxiety and unwillingness to take risks. I dreaded social gatherings and to speak with people who I thought were cooler than me. Girls were a confusing mystery, and although some liked me, I would always find a way to mess things up with my nervousness. By the time I was 20 I had never had sex with a girl.

All of this changed when I discovered the world of pickup. Scared at first, I slowly understood that learning the game was the key to solving my problems. Within the first year, I had lost my virginity, and even managed to have sex with a hot girl I’d met only 15 minutes earlier in the middle of the day!

I had proof now. Game worked, and I decided to master it.