The Girl and The Orbiter (+text game)

It was a sunny London Saturday, and I had had a rough start in my daygame session. I decided to push through rather than accepting failure. Let’s keep going, I thought to myself, determined to overcome my feelings of uncomfortableness and fatigue from doing game non-stop for so long. I’ve done daygame almost every day for the last year, with very short and few breaks. Now I once again found myself in Top Shop, arguably London’s best daygame location [1] trying to make things happen. I spotted an Asian girl browsing through some clothes and went for her. She was Japanese, and thus naturally reserved. However, she was receptive to the light kino I was doing which consisted of touching her hair briefly and possibly other small things [2] which I cannot recall. She was confident, but not in a London-office-girl-super-loud-and-friend-zoning way. Instead, beneath the expected Japanese self-control, there was a natural non-reactiveness and stability of character. Her eye contact was unwavering, which was interesting, because I’d experienced the exact same thing with a Japanese girl I’d slept with last year. It’s as if Japanese people [3] don’t experience the same tension in eye contact as us Westerners do. But I’m going off on a tangent.

The set was good. I put effort into holding the frame and leading the interaction hard. This is a huge part of your value as a man. Deciding the direction of the conversation, talking in a louder voice than the girl, winning the arguments or deciding when to both drop the hatchet are all turn-ons [4]. She was going to Portugal the next day. I took her number and we texted over the next week. I suggested to drink wine together as she said it was her favourite thing to drink. She said she was available next week and I prepared to set up the date soon. Smooth sailing.

Her WhatsApp picture

Saturday night comes, and after having had a delicious pizza with my roommate and his friend, I receive a WhatsApp call at 11PM. It’s her! Hmm… I text her. She says she’s at home with friends. I ask what her plans for the rest of the night are. “>> I have no plan >> Just I stay in my room >> And drinking red wine {kiss emoticon}”. Bingo! She says her friends are leaving soon and gives me her address. I hop on the underground. There’s no reception in London’s tube network, but when changing trains there was just enough reception for me to connect to WhatsApp. She’d texted me. WTF? She says her friend is still there. I’m about fifteen minutes away from her house, and unless she’s kicking the friend out at this very moment, sealing the deal isn’t going to be as straight forward as I thought it would be. I tell her that I’d rather come after her friend leaves, but she seems too drunk and bad at English to understand [5]. Deciding to lose the battle to win the war, I proceeded to take the next train at the interchange and continue to make my way to her place. Five minutes from her place I ask her if her friend is still there. She writes, “You don’t need to worry about him”. I think it’s fair to say that most of us daygamers are used to one-on-one situations with girls. It’s the bulk of the action we take. But it seemed like there was no way I was meeting her on her own now, so I had to make the best of it and handle the potential cockblock. I reached her door and saw a small, skinny figure smoking a cigarette just outside of it. Did she lose weight? I thought. I walked past the figure, and saw a face. It’s a man. A scrawny Japanese man with nervous eyes, looking back at me. “Are you Rika’s friend?” I ask. He is. We went up to the apartment through her stairwell while I took in the environment with feelings of fascination mixed with disgust. The whole building looked like it could be featured on one of those home makeover shows as a house in desperate need of renovation. It was an absolute shithole. The paint was falling off everywhere and there was no bathroom floor. Instead, I was walking on the concrete skeleton of the house. You know, the innermost layer that’s supposed to be covered with porcelain, or in the worst case a broadloom carpet. Oh, the things us Londoners go through in order to pay affordable rent.

We come into the room and I see the girl. She’s drunk and loud, which is half entertaining and half annoying. I’m having to shut her up and stop her from taking too much control. Like every girl, she likes being put in her place and as a result, her attraction for me increases. The friend is no threat at all, except for the fact that his presence alone is hindering sex between me and the girl. He is an obvious Japanese beta-orbiter and I felt a bit bad for him. They exchange a few words in Japanese and then the girl tells me “He says you are very cool”. Lol, Japanese men and their nice guy-mannerisms. I realised that for the orbiter, this was going to be a painful night. I’m wasn’t happy about it, but such is the game and I’ve been on the receiving end in similar scenarios in the past.

I decided that we should go to a park nearby. On the way, I put my arm around the girl. Normally, I avoid PDA’s [6] but here I felt it was helpful in order to establish the frame that she’s my girl and not the orbiter’s. I mixed up the holding with pushes to keep my value and to not seem too needy. We got up to a hill in the middle of the park where people had gathered to take in the view of the city’s midnight skyline. We sat down ourselves, me in the middle, the girl on my right and the orbiter on my left. I kept doing push pull on the girl, mixing up kino with false disqualifications [7] such as physically pushing her away while playfully saying “I hate you”. The orbiter must have felt left out, because he was sitting unnaturally close to me, his leg constantly touching mine. In terms of kino, I went as far as touching the girl’s thigh while we were sitting up there. I didn’t make it super obvious and visible, but I feel like the orbiter saw it and reacted. There was a sense of tension and awkwardness when I did it. Good. I was purposefully creating the subtext of “he’s going to fuck this girl”. She was being very loud still, pushing me, dragging me and asking, “Why did you go to Singapore? Are you going back? When are you going back to Sweden? Hey! I want to know!” It was pretty funny and rather than answering all the questions in a logical manner and becoming her bitch, I teased her in a light-hearted way for trying to turn this into a job interview and said that she needs to be quiet.

We went back down the hill and into the apartment. It was getting late. I had already asked the orbiter when he was planning to go home, how he was going to get home, etc. Both him and the girl were getting the message. My plan was to stay over at hers and bang her after the orbiter left. The orbiter goes to the bathroom. Without losing any time, I turn to the girl and say: “There are no more trains, can I stay the night here?” She says yes without hesitation. Great! Now I just need to make sure the orbiter leaves before the girl gets too tired.

The orbiter comes back and I again start seeding the idea of him leaving. At last he says he’ll take the next bus in 20 minutes. Hallelujah! The girl seems really tired and is already lying down in her bed under the covers. I realise that she might fall asleep, and thus start messing with her a little her to keep her awake. Me and the orbiter are sitting on the bed, with me closest to the girl. For a brief moment, I find her hand under the covers and hold it. She holds mine back. Making sure that the orbiter didn’t miss his bus, I bring the topic up again before the twenty minutes pass. At last he makes his exit. He tries to find any reason he can to prolong his stay. Walking in slow motion, stopping to think if he hasn’t forgotten anything, saying goodbye multiple times. Then, finally, he leaves the room. I lock the bedroom door behind him and strip down to my underwear while hearing him exit the apartment door. Now it was time for the moment of truth. I laid down in the bed, put my arm out and said “come here” to the girl. She comes straight away, starts kissing me, takes her panties off and straddles me at her own initiative. Score!

In recovery

I woke up in the morning, had sex with her again and then exited the apartment in a post-coital/underslept haze.

[1] For those who manage not to get kicked out.
[2] Make no mistake though; these touches are huge in daygame.
There’s no way she’s not taking note of them.

[3] Or at least some of them.
[4] Seasoned daygamers know that I’m talking about “frame” here.
[5] Or to listen properly.
[6] Public Displays of Affection
[7] Yup, that’s really old-school lingo.

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