YouTube launch

I’m back in the daygame capital of the world, London. Me and another dedicated daygamer called Tom are properly starting a youtube-channel. Like, borrowing-your-friends-DSLR-and-filming-in-between-the-rain-storms properly. We filmed our first video in the weekend and it’s just gone through editing. Here it is for your enjoyment:

Summary on Daygame in Singapore

I’m writing these words on a Ukraine International Airlines plane, on my way home from Singapore to Stockholm. The plan is to see my family and re-pack before I move to London for a second time. So here I sit, thousands of feet above the ground, under slept and with airplane ears. I’m definitely not a fan of long plane rides. Apart from the obvious boredom of having to sit still in one place for over 10 hours it also makes my ass and teeth [1] hurt. But despite all of this, rather than to sit and suffer in boredom for the remaining 8 hours of my flight, I decided to be productive. And what better way to be productive on this plane ride than to give my few but trusty [2] readers a summary of my time in Singapore. Let’s start by diving right into the numbers.


Time spent in Singapore: 2 January – 7 May (4 months)
Instant dates: 5
Day2’s: 10
Day3’s: 2
Pulls: 8
Same day lays: 1 (hotness: 8)
Day2 lays: 2 (a 7 and a 6)
Near misses: 3

These numbers are all from daygame. I did almost zero gutter game and I stepped inside one single bar and did one approach during my entire visit in Singapore. In fact, almost all of these numbers stem from either the 313 Somerset or ION Orchard malls, or the pedestrian area between them.

This has been the most successful period in my daygame journey by far. The proof is in the results. In 4 months, I had 8 pulls to my apartment, 3 girls that I was close to fucking (near misses) and 3 new lays.

The fact that I have had as many near misses as lays makes me feel like there was something to be improved in my dating/endgame. Let’s go through the reasons for each of the near misses. One of them was caused by over-escalation that caused the girl to leave my apartment and subsequently block me on WhatsApp. In another near miss, the girl was on my bed in nothing but her panties, but wouldn’t let me take them off and fuck her because she was on her period. I felt her panties and she did indeed have a sanitary pad [3] there. The third near miss was with a girl who it was going really well with, but due to me not being alpha/r-selected/fuckboyish enough she wouldn’t let me escalate beyond kissing after I got her on my bed.

Quite a variety of reasons there. The bottom line is that my dating and end game need to improve. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, because I’ve just started to get regular dates from daygame. Moving forward, I want to add structure to my dating, which right now is just a salad of improvised silliness, asshole spiking [4] and boring chit chat. I want to have prepared topics to talk about and a plan for how to escalate verbally when it doesn’t happen naturally [5].

Now, let’s talk about the good stuff, the lays. My first lay was a same day lay with a hot Singaporean nymphomaniac slut. That isn’t to say it didn’t take skill to attract her, but once the attraction was done and I’d managed to lead her through her hesitation to an instant date, it was almost hard not to manage to fuck her. The sex was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. She fucked like a bona fide pornstar. I could probably have had more sex with her if I’d had more experience with post-sex game [6].

My second lay was with a half Korean, half Chinese Singaporean who I fucked on the first date (Link to article). I was surprised that I managed to even get her out, but patience and text game experience paid off. Once on the date with me, it felt like she had already decided to fuck. After venue 1 and venue 2 I pulled her to my place with some light resistance on the way. We were sat on my bed and I played my melodica for her. I then kissed her, got all her clothes off almost instantly and fucked her without any LMR. The sex was bad, with her lying like a starfish most of the time and me trying in frustration to make her excited. She disappeared like a ghost afterwards and made it clear on text that “she was not interested in a repeat” and that “she wasn’t really that into me”, but “just wanted to try it”.

My third lay was the most unusual one. I’d approached a near 40-year old Filipina domestic cleaner who was walking with a basketball in tight yoga pants and a sports bra early on in my trip. I never managed to get her out until about 3-4 months later [7], but when I did, it was on. I took her to a park and took great care to not over-escalate and successfully flipping the script. After some making out in the park and me rubbing her pussy through her yoga pants (she seems to own no other clothes [8]), I pulled her to mine with zero resistance under the pretence of us going to watch a movie. She started escalating on me from behind as I was on the computer contemplating which movie to pick, so I decided to skip the movie and just fuck her right away. It was smooth sailing and quite enjoyable. After I blew my load though, I had no interest in having her around me anymore. She looked quite busted [9] and while I sprayed my cum over her chest, face and hair [10], my attraction for her vanished. She was quite clingy as I sent her off to a cab that I don’t think I paid for [11].

Lastly, let’s talk about the bread and butter of the daygame-effort, namely the daygame done on the street. On the street, I did some of the best sets in my life on this trip. Repeated analysis by myself, my Singaporean wingman Zak and my wing Tom in England made all the pieces of the puzzle come together. I reached new records of consistency with the street approach due to new moments of enlightenment and inner game advancements. The last weeks, however, I got lazy with the self-analysis, and the quality of the sets deteriorated. It is imperative that I start analysing my sets again as soon as I get to London next week. Self-analysis breeds competence, and competence breeds confidence.

I came to Singapore on a university exchange program. I’ve always been a good student, which made it feel somewhat surreal to see myself possibly failing [12] courses due to not studying enough. I’d initially decided to not do the exchange at all, since I was afraid it would distract me from my goal of becoming an elite daygamer. And while it did somewhat distract me (some weeks I did no daygame due to simply having too much to do in school) I feel like it was worth it. I made a friend for life and learned tons from going out with him. I saw a part of the world that was completely foreign to me. I evolved immensely as a daygamer. And last but not least, I developed yellow fever [13]. Let’s see if it lasts in London…

PS. The flight that I’m on now is a Bangkok-Kiev flight (it was the cheapest option to fly Singapore-Bangkok, Bangkok-Kiev, Kiev-Stockholm) and thus, it is loaded with Ukrainian girls. They’re hot! Just next to me on the other side of the aisle is a girl sleeping in purple/blue yoga pants that reveal a gorgeous body, with muscular legs and a big, firm and round ass. Behind her sits a hot brunette. A visit to Kiev seems due…

[1] Yes, my teeth.
[2] I don’t even know if you’re trusty. I just know you’re few.
[3] Is that what it’s called?
[4] Which I sometimes even forget to do.
[5] I’m already very structured in my daygame, and it makes sense to approach dating in the same way.
[6] I’m a bit embarrassed to say this, but I had a case of affection addiction with her that clouded my judgement after the lay. More lays should solve that problem.
[7] She got back on the radar each time I ran into her again due to her living in the main daygame area.
[8] Just kidding, I’d seen her in other clothes when bumping into her. She told me she wore workout clothes so that she could go running if I didn’t turn up on the date, which she thought would be the case.
[9] Even though she must’ve been one of the hottest women in the Filipina-domestic worker demographic.
[10] Oops.
[11] I hope I didn’t.
[12] I’ve yet to receive my grades.
[13] I thought this would never happen. But like my partner in crime Tom says, “You’re DNA understands it’s got no choice.”