Over-Escalation: Korean Girl Fleeing the Scene Head Over Heels (+Text game)

This happened a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty sure before the girl’s great escape that I’d be getting laid. Unfortunately (or fortunately), her escape exposed a flaw in my game that I’d been neglecting, or that I’d not discovered yet, namely over-escalation. The harder you push, the more resistance you’ll get from the girl, and if you’re not careful, that resistance will accumulate and blow up in your face. Anyway, here’s the report:

Singapore, 2017-04-08 3:41 AM

I did an approach in the evening outside of 313 Somerset. She was Korean, with thick legs and a curvy body, a rarity in Singapore, where skinny is the norm. I did the front stop, got really close to her and ran a sexually charged and awkward set for what I believe was around 7 minutes. Got the number, but was afraid that she would flake due to the set being too sexual. I’ve heard that that can happen since the girl will associate meeting up with you with guaranteed sex, which of course triggers her slut defence. However, the texting went well and I got her out on a date this Friday night. She finished very late at her restaurant job (which she wouldn’t tell me the location of, as well as where she lives) and I met her at 12:30 AM. We go to a bar in the Somerset area which has great sofas to sit side by side in. I sit down in the sofa by a table that’s been reserved for us (I went there earlier the same day to make a reservation like the true, diligent daygamer I am, lol). She sits down next to me and doing kino is really easy. I pulled her into me after what was probably less than 10 minutes of sitting down, and quite soon, my hand that is held around her is caressing her breast via her bra and dress. It felt to me like she’d decided on fucking and the date was just a formality. Nevertheless, we follow the social convention of engaging in conversation and ordering our drinks, me a white Russian, inspired by my classy, legendary old friend from back home, and she a Bellini. She pays, which is a relief. Alcohol in Singapore is stupidly expensive.

By Asian standards, she’s fat

I’ve been trying to have a structure in my dates lately, but to be honest I’m still struggling with it. Rather than sabotaging myself by trying to follow any structure I pretty soon decide to just go with the flow. I spike things up, then some rapport, and then repeat. It’s worth noting that I go for the kiss close around 3 times as we’re sitting there. I get close on the second attempt, but at the last moment, she turns away. I’ve been on dates with awkward Asians before and figured that it was simply a case of their fear of getting sexual in public, a feature that is rarely seen in Swedish and many other western women.

She’s an extremely slow drinker, clearly having low tolerance for alcohol, which she herself admits. An hour in and she’s still only half way! God damn, in this tempo I’ll fall asleep in the bar forgetting to pull her! I put some pressure on her. “Wow you’re a real slow drinker. You don’t like it? You’re not having anymore? Okay. Do you want me to finish it? You sure? Okay.” and then I proceed to drink the rest of her drink. Having her pay for the drinks and drinking half of hers. Yes, I know what you’re thinking; Sahand is a true gentleman.

I’m seeding the pull in various ways as we’re having the first drinks by the way. I talk about the wine I have at home, me playing music, playing her a song on my melodica, showing her clips from back home of me playing guitar, and possible other things that I can’t remember.

I tell her, “let’s go” as I get up from the sofa and we leave the bar. Trying to act casual (I wasn’t that stressed about it but I had to be conscious about not making the pull a big deal) I tell her “let’s go to my place. I’ll play you a song”, or something along those lines. She’s a bit hesitant but complies by following me. A funny side note is that on the way to the cab a girl I number closed the same day walked by us hand in hand with a guy. I wonder if she saw me. I hope she did.
We get a cab that I pay for since the Iranian in me is dying to repay the debt he’s in by having drank out of someone else’s pocket. To be fair, it was only right. The drinks were probably at least 4 times as much as the cab fare. I still feel a bit guilty about it. Anyway…

We get up to my apartment. She first makes an excuse about not coming in because of my roommates sleeping. I should’ve noted what was to come at this point already. I tell her it’s okay, don’t worry, and step in to get some water for us. We then go into my room and I put on Gangnam Style and we have a bit of a laugh before changing to something more seduction friendly. We’re getting close and she senses that I’m about to go for the kiss, but says she needs to go to the bathroom first. Sure, no problem. She goes to the bathroom, then I go after her. When I come back, I instantly sit down behind her and start massaging her body. First her shoulders, then her breasts and stomach. She has nice boobs, just a handful, and she’s moaning as I squeeze them. This is a done deal, I think to myself.

I turn her head to me and make out with her. It’s very passionate. Her whole body is engaged in what is going on and she’s moaning without me touching her private parts. I get her breasts out, and eventually take off her dress. I keep escalating, until she suddenly goes “I should go home”. WTF? “Uhm, okay.” She starts getting dressed. I think of what to do. “Do you want to watch a movie?” She kind of stops and seems to want to, so I just assume she does. I put on “La La Land” which I downloaded on my laptop to watch with another girl who it eventually died out with. We sit down on my bed to watch it. I have zero interest in watching movies in my free time. I literally never do it if it’s not with a girl or at the cinema with a friend. It’s boring to me. Thus, I start escalating again. Two minutes into the movie we’re making out. Three minutes in I’m going for the lay again. Again, she’s super turned on, BUT, she’s holding back at the same time. After things progressed a bit (didn’t get her clothes off this time) she again said, “I should go home”. I admit I over escalated here. I put the computer away and made out with her after she stopped me from escalating. She didn’t refuse the escalation, so it wasn’t obviously pushy, but it was still a mistake to escalate with her giving all those red lights. This time I didn’t try to do anything to make her stay. What happened next was a new thing for me. She took her phone (her only belonging in the room), and simply walked out with nothing but a “Goodbye”. I got up, put on my T-shirt and went to the door. I helped her unlock the door and she was gone. 30 minutes later her WhatsApp picture was no longer visible to me, which means that either she removed my number or blocked me. Or both. Anyway, this is a good excuse to let into the chocolate cravings I’ve been having today. See you guys later, I’m going to 7-Eleven.

Since I promised you text game in the clickbait title:

Yup, it’s long