Lay report – Blood on the sheets

This girl I approached in a metro station, here in Singapore, where I’m spending this semester. She had business attire, a semi short black skirt and heels, with a finely knit beige sweater. She had a nice face and long, skinny legs. Chinese-Korean mix.

Set was okay, I was masculine, dominant and relaxed in the interaction but it was very short and I didn’t feel like I established much comfort with her. I expected her to flake. Nevertheless, I texted her, as is good practice for a pickup artist. She replied. I focused on building intrigue and mystery, instead of being boring. She stopped responding a couple of times, and I restarted the conversation with pings. Soon, she started investing a lot and writing walls of text, while I kept it shorter and more mysterious.

After a lot of texting and trying to set up a date, I finally met her. I barely remembered what she looked like since it was almost two weeks after meeting her in a five minute daygame set.

A long ass exchange that was worth it

I bounced her to a bar nearby. I focused on being dominant and sexual from the get go. I wanted to set the right frame from the start. And even though I felt a bit fake and clumsy, it worked. She was on her back foot, which is where I wanted her, reacting to me. We sat at the bar and I did some regular kino by looking at her hands, examining her shirt, and so on. We were sitting in front of each other in this venue. I worked to keep things sexual.
After one drink I took her to another bar nearby. It was a cosy, dark rooftop bar a 15 minute walk from my place. I had already reserved a table in a secluded area, with sofas. Unfortunately, she sat down in front of me. Me on the sofa, her on a chair. We ordered drinks and some delicious, beef tasting sweet potato fries (she hadn’t had dinner). I started to do more kino. Examining her hands, doing a thumb wrestling match, etc. Any excuse just to touch her. She was comfortable with me touching her, good sign. At one point I told her that I was going to tell her a secret. Then I leaned in and said “When you cross your legs, it makes me very distracted”. She giggled and said “Why?”. Also a couple of times she reacted to the sexual tension I created by saying “You’re creepy”. I responded with “Yeah, maybe”, meanwhile channeling a naughty but innocent school boy with my body language. It’s so simple and such a game cliché, but owning shit tests through agree and amplify is really the best strategy for overcoming them.

Anyway, I want to escalate more, but it’s a bit hard with her sitting across the table from me! I tell her to come over to me. She declines. I try again a bit later. She declines again, and this time gives me another shit test. “So how many girls have you brought here?”. Again, agree and amplify. “I think you’re number, hmm… Nine hundred and thirty four? Yeah that’d be right.” She laughs. The third time I tell her to come over to me, I say it more calmly. Something like “It’s alright, don’t worry, I’m not going to bite you, everything’s going to be fine, get over here.”. She says “The table is over here”, pointing at the table in front of her (she was still eating her fries), a logically retarded remark since I was sitting at the same table, just on the other end. I pointed this out to her (no, I didn’t call her logically retarded), whereupon she said “If I can sit by the table (it was a small table) I’ll come over there. Sure thing! I moved out of the way so that she could sit near the table. Now we were next to each other. I start touching her legs and hands as I talk, and at one point, I just grab her hand and hold it. It’s a little awkward, but she takes it. Some more baby stepping, me holding my arm around her, pulling her in, and soon we are making out. I expected her to be more shy because of her Asianness, but apparently Singaporean Chinese girls are less sexually retarded than their Chinese or Malaysian national counterparts. We make out and I start seeding the pull with my now trademarked melodica bounce. “Do you play any instruments? Piano? Do you know what a melodica is? It’s like a piano but you blow into it. I have one with me here. It’s really cool. If you pick a song, I’ll play it for you. BUT, you have to promise me one thing. When I’m done, you have to clap for me, otherwise I’ll get very disappointed and sad. Deal? Alright.” DON’T say “let’s go to my place” after you’ve done this routine. Simply talk about something else, and when the time is right, tell her that you should go, and take her straight to your place without telling her where you’re going.

That’s exactly what I did. Now, the funny thing is, she actually thought we were going to the metro station. She told me we were going the wrong way. I told her “Let’s go to my place first, it’s really close.” Then, I said something like “I’ll play you that song on the melodica. But remember, you HAVE to clap for me (putting it on her, occupying her mind, leading)”. When she said she was going to work tomorrow I said “Don’t worry, it’ll just be 10 minutes, then we’ll go”. What I’ve found that the thing that matters here in getting her to comply is how dominant you’ve been during the date. If you’ve crushed her frame and she’s completely in her world, you’ve stacked the odds in your favour. On the other hand, if you’ve been a pussy with the escalation and she’s directing the conversation, she’ll easily derail the train. That’s what girls are made to do, try to derail the train and make sex not happen, to see if you are man enough to not wobble under pressure. It’s biology. So lead hard throughout. She complied, not that much verbally, but she was physically continuing to walk with me, which is enough. I kept talking about bullshit to calm her down and keep her mind occupied, just blabbering on about anything I could think of. I kept doing this all the way into the flat.

Inside my room, it was easy. I simply played her a song (Toxic by Britney Spears, lol), got her to sit next to me and taught her to play a little bit, escalated, kissed her and then fucked her. No LMR. She was a bit boring in bed, but at least very compliant. Oh yeah, and she bled quite a bit (she was very tight), so now my bed looks like it’s occupied by either a masochistic emo kid or a nude menstruating woman.

I apologise for not having a pic this time. She’s not in her WhatsApp pic and I have yet to internalise the lame and semi creepy PUA selfie manoeuvre. The bloody sheets will do this time, enjoy you sick bastards ;-).

Sex is not for the squeamish