FIELD REPORT (Got out of the friend zone)

I had an instant date a couple of days ago with a Singapore girl. She was super awkward and shy but receptive to my kino (measuring her wrist size etc) so I number closed and texted with her. She tries to friend zone me over text. I get annoyed but when I see that she seems to want to meet me I decide “fuck it, there’s no loss in trying anyway”.

Hot enough to risk disappointment

I get slightly butthurt by her LJBF suggestion but decide to meet her anyway.

Here’s what happened on the date:
She came to the date and even though she brought up the friends bullshit on the date too I could read from her facial expressions that she liked me. Also, she was wearing perfume, she had a skirt on, make-up, lipstick etc. Still, she was extremely non sexual. She would let me touch her but it was generally awkward and didn’t feel reciprocated at all. So my mind was a bit confused. One second I thought it was on, the other not. Randomly she brings up how this guy hit on her on the street, and how when she said nothing would ever happen between them, he’d just left her. This was a clue. We keep talking. It’s pretty awkward. I think, “this is going nowhere, fuck it” and said to go after this drink. She says “to where?” and looks at me. I start thinking to myself “Let’s just try to pull, you’ve heard about how Asians are awkward in public”. So I talk about playing music, and how I have this awesome melodica at home. I tell her I’ll play her a song on it under ONE condition which is that she has to clap when I’m done. She says okay, and I say that we should go. She says, “where’s your melodica, it’s not here”, I say “we’ll get it”, she says “from your place?” and I reply “yeah”. She smiles. Instead of waiting to see if she’s cool with it I just assume she is and go to pay the bill. This was super effective as I’m sure I would have gotten objections had I stalled.

We get to my place, on the way she asked if it’s dangerous for her to come. I told her about my tiger that might eat her. She said she likes tigers and I told her maybe she can tame him. Inside, she’s quite stiff. I play the melodica, she likes it I think. Then we watch some youtube clips and I have her sit next to me, holding my arm around her. Still pretty awkward. I call it out at some point, genuinely empathising and saying that I don’t want to make her uncomfortable and if she doesn’t fancy me I won’t be upset if she leaves. At one point I even go “do you want to just go? I won’t get mad.” The fact that she stayed made me feel better about continuing.

At one point I play the “stare into each others eyes while holding hands for 10 seconds game”. She can’t hold eye contact very well as she’s extremely shy. I try to kiss close her at the end of it. She’s really uncomfortable with it and says it’s too fast. I empathise, and back off. At least now I know I’m not friend zoned, or else she wouldn’t say it’s too fast, she’d say she’s not feeling it or something like that.

We decide to watch a movie. We sit next to each other for a while before I start moving her hair to the side. She pulls away. I start massaging her with my far hand on her shoulder and keeping the near arm around her. I go for it again and get it. She’s super clumsy and awkward but is into it. We keep kissing for a while, no tongue. Then in the movie, the adolescent actors go “have you evver french kissed? It’s with the tongue”, “no, want to try?”. And I look at her and say, “yeah let’s try it”. And we do. I start escalating harder, and get each one of her items of clothing off with 2 steps forward, 1 step back, down to her panties. She’s jerking me off and stuff but won’t blow me. Apparently I’m the second guy she’s ever been with. When I get to the panties I feel she has a pad under it. She’s menstruating and I try to push for sex anyway but resistance is quite strong. I make her cum using my leg and finish on her myself, creating a huge mess, haha.

Now here’s the interesting part. I asked her in the elevator on the way to her cab: “why did you say we should meet as friends?” and she replied “because this other guy just left me when I said nothing would ever happen”. So apparently, it was just her way of testing if I was only after sex. Weird test, because I’m still only after sex and wouldn’t have gone if I was sure about being friend zoned, but that was her reasoning. Not a notch but a fun experience! Besides I’m pretty sure I can see her again in a couple of days and seal the deal.

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