Bye bye Stockholm (+ How to get laid here)

At the age of six, my parents decided they had had enough of the boredom of north Sweden. We moved to a suburb outside of what became my new hometown, Stockholm. I obviously didn’t know at the time that this would become my daygame training ground. Now that I’m leaving Stockholm for an unknown amount of time, it’s relevant to write my take on the city that served as my main training ground since I started doing game.

More than 90 percent of all the game I’ve done has been in Stockholm. It’s where I started game, and it’s where I had almost all of my epiphanies and improvements. Funnily enough, it’s NOT where I had the most results. Weird right? If I did 90 percent of my game here, shouldn’t I have at least 90 percent of my results here too? Evidently not. If you wonder why, I have an explanation:

Most of my sets have been daygame sets, and daygame is fucking hard here.

Daygame in Stockholm, for a lot of guys, is one of the most challenging endeavours I can think of. Here’s why:

  1. Feminism is out of control
  2. Swedish people are conditioned into believing dominant male behaviour is bad and that women are basically men with tits. Anyone who’s done game will know that men and women have quite different turn ons when it comes to behaviour. Men need to be masculine and women need to be feminine for chemistry to flourish. Well, not according to your average Swedish person.

    This makes it challenging to create polarity in your interactions, as Swedish girls have a strong frame and are easily made uncomfortable if you lead hard.

  3. Swedes are anti-social and awkward
  4. Yes, approaching girls during the day isn’t “normal” in most places of the world, but in Sweden, it’s a very strange thing to do. While in some countries, approaching a girl during the day shows courage and masculinity, in Sweden people think you are odd. If you’re a foreigner though, this doesn’t apply to you. Swedes know that the rest of the world is more social and will think that what you’re doing must be normal where you come from.

    The anti-socialness of Swedish girls will ruin many of your sets, simply because most Swedish girls don’t know how to respond to a masculine street approach. I’ve had countless sets where the girls have simply not been able to handle the social pressure of talking to a stranger. Abroad, this problem is microscopic.

What solutions did I find to these problems then? After all, Swedish girls want sex just like any other girls. Surely, there must be a way to successfully run game?

Indeed, there is.

The main solutions I found to these problems are the following:

  1. Focus on night game (and gutter game)
  2. Alcohol solves many of the problems Swedish girls have when it comes to meeting men. After a couple of drinks, Swedish girls get out of their own head and more in touch with their true feminine nature. This, coupled with Swedish girls’ comparably low slut defence, improves your chances dramatically.

    Also, in the main club area of the city (the area around Stureplan) there will be more girls that you are going to be interested in to approach. Somehow, after 10 pm, lame ugly girls are filtered out and the hot, fun, well dressed girls who are looking to meet an attractive man pop out like a pleasant surprise. You’ll be amazed at the concentration of hot, blonde girls dressed incredibly sexy are in this area late at night.

  3. Avoid being “offensive”
  4. Swedish girls get butthurt easily. Avoid being too polarizing, at least when talking about their appearance. If you tease a Swedish girl on something about her, make your tease light, and do it with a big, friendly smile. Otherwise, she won’t get that you’re joking.

    A better alternative to talking about a Swedish girls appearance is talking about her vibe. Read her mood, tell her, “You looked so relaxed, it makes me calm when I look at you” or “You were really walking with a mission there, I thought if I’d stop you you might punch me”. Again, do it with a big smile and sensual vibe.

  5. Focus on vibe more than on dominance
  6. Smile, relaxation, voice tonality. Make those three as good as you possibly can and you’ll have success. Once you have them down, practice leading to capitalise on the compliance you’ll earn from the girls and get them into your frame without them even noticing it.

  7. Dress well
  8. It’s amazing how many guys in the pickup community fail on this. The men in Stockholm are some of the most handsome, well dressed men in the world. If a Swedish girl is going to be seen in public with you, she won’t accept your choice of clothes making you look like a weirdo.

    All in all, Sweden is a good place for pickup. You’ll find amazing girls if you know where to look, and in the night, you can have great success. If you can’t go out every night, combine your night game with day game to keep your skills sharp. But don’t be discouraged if you have poor results in daygame. The night is where the magic happens in this town.

  9. Run better game
  10. The bottom line is, daygame in Stockholm is hard. The most reliable solution to this problem will be running better game. This means, being more confident, being more happy, doing a perfect open, challenging/qualifying the girl and all other things that is part of good game. Remember, just because Stockholm is a challenging city, it’s not an impossible one.

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