Are YOU planning a daygame vacation? Sometimes it is good to switch things up to avoid the boredom of gaming in the same locations day in and day out. Where should you go then? Well, if you like the femininity and looks of eastern European girls and don’t mind putting in some time into dating them, Wroclaw could be the city for you.

Wroclaw is Polands fourth largest town and lies in the western part of the city, near the Czech border. But let’s not talk about boring facts. We care about game facts. I spent 2 weeks of this summer in Wroclaw and did street game exclusively. Here is what i found.

The girls

In Wroclaw, you will find feminine girls who want a masculine man. They dress up in a way that makes you want to apprach if you’re into feminine girls. There were some emo type girls too, but I never approached them, as they look unpleasant and ugly to me. It is important to remember though, that in Poland, not only the girls who dress up super feminine are amenable to daygame. Even girls who are more casually dressed have that feminine spark and are pleasant to approach. However, if your vibe is shit, you will get blown out, just like in any other place. This is not daygame paradise.

In terms of looks, you will find brunettes as well as blondes here. Polish features are not the most beautiful, since they often include a big witch-like nose, although there are some marvellous exceptions. The girls are generally skinny, although I did see more fatties here than last time. Fortunately I also discovered that Crossfit seems to be getting very popular in Wroclaw. I saw many girls walking around in tights with their big squat asses shown off. A pleasant sight if that’s your thing.

I searched for an image that would show an average Polish girl. This is the best I found.

I searched for an image that would show an average Polish girl. This is the best I found.

There is also a smaller number of Ukrainian girls you will run into if you are lucky. These girls are sweet and fun, and often live alone in the city, which lowers their slut defence. I would say they look better than the Polish girls since they have softer features. However, they are a rarity and most of your time will be spent gaming Polish girls. Don’t worry though, you won’t have trouble finding beautiful Polish girls.

Daygame spots

You will need to know where to do your daygame with regards to what time of day it is in order to be successful here.

Our earliest daygame sessions started at 12:00. At this time, the malls where the locations with the highest concentration of hot girls. In fact, the highest concentration of hot girls I saw during my whole trip where from 12:00 to around 17:00 in Galeria Dominikanska, a shopping mall within 5 minutes walking distance east of Rynek. Another good mall is Renoma, which is within 10 minutes walking distance south of Rynek. You can find girls on the way to both of these malls as well, so getting there will not be wasted time.

In the evening Rynek, the market square, will have the highest concentration of people and hot girls. There will be more groups here and fewer solo girls than in the malls, which are closed in the evening, but it is still possible to find targets and the romantic vibe of the market square will help in the sets you do. Rynek has a lovely vibe to it in the evening, with restaurants and bars all around and talented street musicians in every corner. Going for an instant date will be easy here, as many girls don’t have immediate plans.


First of all, Wroclaw is a small town. This means you’ll run into the same girls, and they might see you approach others. Spam approaching in daygame should be avoided unless you’re not staying more than a week. I had an aggressive man roll up on me with his bike, telling me to fuck off and snapping pictures of me. Avoid making a big fuss as this is a small town. Now of course, if you do nightgame, this is different. In the night, spam as much as you want as it doesn’t matter as much and probably won’t get you in trouble.

Girls will have slut defence since this is a small city and they run a high risk of being recognised by people they know while interacting with you. Those who have previous experience with eastern Europeans know that they put up quite a lot of resistance to escalation as it is. In the street approach, this can’t be dealt with. However, when choosing date locations, it is possible to pick locations where you can sit together away from people’s eyes. Do this when you feel it’s time to kiss close them etc, so that you at least neutralise part of their slut defence.

The English level is not great here. You will run into many girls who speak no English. These girls are in my opinion a waste of time unless they are really into you. They will be insecure about coming on a date with you because of their lacking language skill and communication will be limited. By all means, try these girls out for the reference. You will probably soon decide that you are better off focusing on the English speaking girls, and then eject when you run into non-english speaking girls.


You will be more shiny here than in bigger cities, which will give you some free value. Many girls are excited about a man who speaks English as this city mostly gets Polish and a few German tourists. It’s easy to be exotic here and that is going to work in your favour.

Wroclaw is a cheap city, which will help you in two main ways. First off, it becomes possible for you to have ideal logistics. I would suggest renting a place right on Rynek, where all your date locations and a lot of your daygame will be done. Except making it easier for you to pull, this will facilitate your whole daygame trip as you will minimise traveling durations. You can also draw advantage from the cheapness of the city by eating out all the time. There are plenty of restaurants that serve everything from Polish cornerstone dishes to kebabs to burgers, with many affordable options. Pierogis, in particular, are a cheap, tasty and fairly healthy food to eat here. By eating out you will save yourself time and energy that would otherwise have gone into shopping for groceries and cooking, which is not something you want to do on your daygame vacation.

As I have alluded to before, male to female polarity is strong in Wroclaw just like in the rest of eastern Europe. This is great since it makes playing the game more fun and girls’ feedback more clear. You won’t run into lame entitled “women” who don’t understand the dance of seduction. Polish women get it, which makes the game so much more fun, regardless of your success.

What it takes to be successful

Like always, the most important thing for your success is to have good game. I will soon post a detail of my daygame method that can help you with that. Still, there are some things to think about for this city in particular.

Ideally, you should try to be here at least for 2 weeks, or else you will lose out on girls who are not yet ready to sleep with you after just a short amount of time. Remember eastern European girls’ slut defence and the fact that Wroclaw is a small city.

Another important thing is to not over escalate. This can be tempting when you are on vacation and short on time, but it will make the girls even more resistant to your escalation and scared of meeting you again. Solve this problem by being here a longer time.

How Wroclaw compares to other cities

There are other EE cities with a greater sense of anonymity, a greater concentration of hot girls (Prague is one of them) who also speak better English. The advantages of Wroclaw are your shininess and the money you’ll save. If you’re short on money and have the look they like (dark is considered attractive), Wroclaw is a better option. Otherwise you’d be better off going to a city that is bigger with a higher flow of people, and thus hot girls, in it.


  1. Hey man have you tried Poznan, lodz, sopot or any other daygame cities in Poland you recommend?

    Sandi: I’ve only been to Wroclaw. Heard good things about Warsaw and Krakow though.

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