Swedish Girls vs. Polish Girls

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After two weeks in a Polish town dedicated entirely to picking up girls, I’ve noticed some distinct changes between Polish girls and the Swedish girls of my soon not-to-be hometown of Stockholm.

  1. Polish girls are more pleasant

    If I was to choose a random Polish girl or a random Swedish girl of equal hotness to go on a date with, I would choose the Polish girl. The reason for this is simply that Polish girls have great personalities. They are confident, feminine and have a great sense of humour. Compare this to the average Swedish girl, who (unless she’s drunk) is stiff, masculine and has no sense of humour.

    Polish girls have an easier time of talking to strangers and are generally more social. With Swedish girls, you will often have to assume the burden of the conversation for a longer time before they are comfortable enough to invest in it.

  2. Polish girls are girls. Swedish girls are men.

    When you open a Polish girl, she will show you that she understands the game of seduction. If you do a weak approach, she will punish your lack of masculinity and blow you out. If you do a strong approach, she will smile at you, assume her feminine role in the interaction and possibly shit test you to see if you are genuine. In other words, the feedback girls give is clear in Poland, which makes it a great learning ground for game.

    Swedish girls in daygame are the most non-feminine I have ever met, which makes seducing them challenging. Much of this is simply because many Swedish girls are not comfortable in a feminine role and don’t know how to play their part in seduction.

  3. Sweden has hotter girls

    Say what you want about the lacking personalities, but the girls of Stockholm are some of the hottest I have ever seen. Nowhere can you find as many tens (if you are into tall blondes). Polish girls are not ugly, but you won’t find those fairytalelike angels that frequent the streets of Stockholm’s posh areas.

  4. Swedish girls have no slut defence

    Swedish girls are taught from childhood that sex is something they should be proud of. This greatly reduces issues such as slut defence and LMR that are significant in Poland, which has a more conservative culture.

One thought on “Swedish Girls vs. Polish Girls

  1. Have to say as a handome irishman. Only joking but i am irish both are very stunning races of women. Though i am sur
    Prised. I thought polish girls would be harder to get than swedish girls as they are a much more conservative and catholic country. I am irish but not really that much catholic. Used to be but a long story. Used to workwith lots of polish people in ireland for at least 5 years. Have been to poland/ krakow 2 times. Have yet tovisit sweden. Have met a hell of a lot of swedes in my life. Yes think theyre wommen are gorgeous and friendly. But anyway i thought sweden been a liberal country i would have more luck meeting a swedish woman. But as the previous website said they do have a lot in a man to expect. Love polish girls. Not necessarily because theyre catholic but because they have a mysterious loveliness about them. Plus i have never had a preference between blondes or brunettes. Polish girls are a 50/ 50 of both. Lovely language too. Still would not say no to a hot dexy swede.

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