The importance of FLOW (+infield audio)

We’ve been filming a lot during our Poland trip. Our daily routine for the first few days consisted of filming each other doing around 15 sets and then analysing it in the evening. This analysing mindset got me massively into my own head, and actually taught me an important lesson.


There is a time for reflection and a time for execution.


When learning any skill, it is necessary to reflect and learn from mistakes in order to improve. But when it’s time to execute, you must put your entire focus on the execution, or else you will get stuck in your head and become unable to react properly to what’s actually going on around you. So what I learned was that in order to actually record good infield videos to properly analyse later, it is necessary to entirely forget about the fact that you are being filmed while you’re doing it. You must go with the flow and let go of the will to create a good infield video.

I found this out when, after a day full of blowouts and shitty vibe, I went out to the main square alone, with just a sound recorder in my pocket, deciding that I would just try to have as much fun as possible and act as free as I could. The difference was dramatic. Blowouts became fewer and didn’t affect me as much, and interactions became spontaneous and magical. My fourth set was with a petite Ukrainian girl who I got on an instant date and ended up making out in the park with. Here’s the infield:

2 thoughts on “The importance of FLOW (+infield audio)

  1. Cool interaction, I liked your voice, you almost sounded like her teacher or something haha ;D Whole thing felt very smooth and natural, I’m sure she felt comfortable yet wanting to qualify herself at the same time.

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